What size cage should I get for my birds?

Question by Abcdefg Hijklmnop: What size cage should I get for my birds?
I have two Bourke’s parakeets and I want them to lay eggs. I put in a nest box and I am waiting for them to use it. I know that you have to wait and be patient, but while I’m waiting, I think I should get another cage so that they will have their own cage and I will leave the old cage for the canaries (they get along well) I know a lot about birds, just through research (Maybe I’m a bird expert…in some ways – not breeding though) So I want to know how big a cage I should get for about 5-6 birds. I also want them to have enough room to fly when they want to, so what are your suggestions?
I THINK a 5x3x2 cage is good?

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