What is the proper cage for a Bourkes Parakeet?

Unlike American Parakeets, or budgies, the Bourkes parakeet doesn’t tend to climb the bars of their cage so horizontal bars aren’t as important.

They do enjoy flying in their cages so get the biggest lengthwise horizontal cage you can, at least 3 feet long, as they love to fly.

Even with a cage this large, be sure they get plenty of out-of-the-cage time each day.

Newsprint, paper towels, or black and white newspaper is best to line the cage with for several reasons.

First – you want to be able to keep track of the state of the birds poop.

Irregular poop is one of the first signs of illness and it’s hard to keep track if it gets lost in bedding.

It’s also important to avoid loose bedding such as corn cob bedding or pine or cedar shavings because these easily can grow mold which is deadly for birds fragile respitory systems and the pine and cedar shavings potent fumes are toxic for birds.

Mite protectors should be avoided as they too are toxic for birds.

Sand perches should be avoided because they can cause bumblefoot and other foot sores.

Provide clean water and food dishes, and the proper toys.

Bourkes Parakeets are happiest and healthiest when the temperature is between 60-85 degrees.

Avoid drafty locations and keep temperatures steady.

“They are certainly not ‘beginner’s birds’ and will usually not thrive if they are not provided with a spacious aviary where a small flock can be kept in company of a few other small and harmless birds.

It is possible to keep a pair or a single bird in a cage, but they will be sluggish and unhealthy if they are not let out to fly and socialize with humans frequently. ” Wikipedia.

The bar-spacing should be no more than half an inch.

Bourkes parakeets tend to fly or hop from perch to perch and climb wooden ladders.

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