Training your Bourke’s Parakeet

Training your Bourke’s Parakeet

Train your Bourke’s Parakeet to Talk?

I’ve never heard of a Bourke’s parakeet talking – so I’ve no advice for that. If you want a talking bird – look for a male budgie or one of the bigger birds like an African grey parrot, an amazon or macaw. I would only recommend these bigger birds to someone who has years of experience with birds.

Teach your Bourke’s Parakeet to Step Up

You can train your bourkes parakeet to pal around with you, to step up on your finger or step up onto a stick.

There are 2 secrets to training just about any bird, and this includes the bourke’s parakeet: PATIENCE and MILLET.

You need to be consistent.
Spend time with them daily and do things the same way with the same words every day.
You can start with a stick and a sprig of millet.
Put your hand in their cage and put the stick just touching the front of the lower belly of the bird, just above their feet.
Hold the millet sprig so that they have to climb up onto the stick to eat it.
When you put the stick in front of them, just touching their belly, not too far away, always say, “Step up”, and they will learn this command.
Talk to them softly while they eat.
Do not try to touch them.
After you have done this for a couple days or weeks (depending on the bird), you can inch your finger closer to them with the stick until they have to get on your finger.
Then after they are cool with getting on your finger, you can try bringing them out of the cage.
Before you do this, make sure the room is bird-safe. All doors and windows should be closed, windows covered, any other animals that could harm them should not be in the room (cats/dogs). There should be no open water, toxic plants, candles, etc in the room.

Bringing Home Your Bourke’s Parakeet

When you first bring home a bird, I’d even recommend not trying to touch them for awhile.
Let them get used to you and their new home.
They will be scared and confused so it’s important to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.
Keep them in a quiet stressful place.
Do not place them in direct sunlight or in front of a window or fan or heater.
Sit beside the cage and read to them and/or sing songs. Bourke’s like nothing better than to be sung to.

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