parakeets as pets?

Question by ziddyziddy: parakeets as pets?
so i want to look more into budgie parakeets, bourke’s parakeets, quaker parrot, Alexandrine Parakeet, barred parakeet, and the concure.

im 14 years old and i’s have 30-60 minutes a day uusally to spend time with my bird. i want a smallish bird thats life spand is under 30. It can’t be very expensive and has to be readily avaiable at pet stores(like petsmart, or maybe a local mom and pop type store). can you tell me which one(s) would be best for me. I have some experience with birds, Ive studied them online and i had a budgie for a little over a year, but it died of old age(we are pretty sure, either that or a heart attack type thing) I have a cage that would fit 3 budgies comfortably.

tell me everything i need to know!

much appriciated!

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Answer by Lil’ CAV
I have a Budgie, i used to have two the younger one died of unknown causes. Plus they did not get along. But i would recommend getting at least two but only at the same time. otherwise the one that has been their longer will think the cage is his and the others are intruding. If you get more than one take them out at the same time and give them all the same treatment other wise they get jealous.
They are cool, but can get slightly annoying as you might know.
Good luck.

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  • Dani

    I think if you’re going to get a bird, out of the ones you listed, the best thing for you would be a parakeet. Their life span is generally 10-15 years (sometimes less…sometimes more). They’re cheap to buy (usually around 20 to 30 dollars), and easy to tame. They can learn to mimic sounds, and if they get mad and bite you, unlike a bigger bird, it wont take off your finger. Which I consider a big plus. They also come in a huge variety of colors so you can get one with the beauty of a large bird, for a fraction of the price.

    I think you should do a little more research on parakeets (online, at the library, etc) and consider getting one of those.

    If you dont want 2 birds, then put a mirror in the cage. your parakeet will think his reflection is another bird. It’ll keep him from getting lonely while youre at school, but be prepared, he’ll bond with his reflection. As long as you spend enough time with your bird, that wont be a problem, he’ll still love you.

    It’s good that you have a big cage, because while you’re at school all day, your little bird will have lots of room to move around. Our bird learned to fly in place and exercise in his cage.

    Also if you get him a cd of bird noises, that’ll keep him entertained while you’re away, (that and a few toys for him), and your bird will learn to mimic the sounds he hears. (we played canary sounds for our birds, because they squawked really loud and it was annoying. They quickly learned to mimic the sounds on the cds and they sounded so cute).

    You should also get your bird different sized perches, so it can exercise its feet, and atleast one perch made of cement, or sandpaper, to keep its nails trim, and a swing (All my parakeets have made their swings the place they sleep at night). Make sure to change its food and water every 3 or 4 days. Anything else I forgot, you’ll be able to find online or in a book.

    I know you’re 14, but I seriously reccommend going to the childrens section for books on parakeets. I’m 24, and whenever I’m getting a new pet that I want to read up on, I get half the books from the childrens section. They’re not as boring, and they have alot of pictures of the animal too. (I dont care if I am 24..I still like pictures). Alot of the adult books waste 10 chapters telling you where that particular animal originated from, its ancestors, relatives, etc etc etc. Stuff you dont need to know just to have it as a pet. Childrens books skip all that nonsense and go right into how to care for your new pet.

    Anyway good luck, have fun with your new bird.

  • cristian l

    if you want one bird get the budgie lots of toys but not too much to over crowd the cage itll be fine 2 is better if you go out most of the time but make sure to always pa attention to them

  • Michael C

    There a bit too loud. Like cockatoos. But there cute.
    Up to you ask yahoo about diets, foods stuff to be sure.

  • Paula B

    if your looking for a bird then i would suggest a canary. they are not very loud plus they are very cute and come in many colors. the only down fall is that look over them before you buy one if they are in a cage with alot of other canaries. look for bald spots if there active and if they look half dead.not trying to sound rude. birds are very good pets really smart choice. plus canaries have the prettiest chirps there are plus they are so cute when there fat but don’t!!!!!!!!!feed them too much or they will die.

  • Whippetgirl

    Wow, quakers and conures are VERY loud. I think you would enjoy a ringnecked parakeet. They are larger than a cockatiel, but still smallish. They learn to talk really well, males or females. You shouldn’t get a bird from a Petsmart/Petco or petshop situation as they have been marked up 50 percent and have not been regularly handled enough. Googlesearch for a breeder. Green, or normal, colored ringnecks are now very inexpensive, but the lutino (bright yellow) is not as expensive as it used to be. There is a Youtube video of a blue ringneck playing golf!

    The main thing is to buy from a breeder who handfeeds not just colony raises (large numbers in flight cages) so that the bird is bonded to people and quite tame.

    Bourke’s are nice quiet birds, but not as fun and talkative and smart as ringnecks!

    Check out Yahoo images – Google “ringneck parakeet photo” and there’s pictures of several of the different color mutations.

  • blue_bee

    a parakeet should be a good choice, according to your preferences. also, because you have previous experience with it. in tulsa, budgies are normally 20 dollars, which isn’t too much compared to the other birds. budgies do need attention, and I’m glad you have time to dedicate to it. However, if you ever find that you don’t have enough, try getting it a friend, the parakeet will be much happier.

    if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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