Bourkes Parakeet Color Mutations

Rosy Bourke / Rosie Bourke / Rosa Bourke / Opaline Bourke
Rosie’s are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

They range from pale pink to the more desirable dark pink.

The females and males are virtually identical in appearance.

The hens have darker faces and more grey scattered throughout their body.

Yellow Bourke / Cream Bourke
The Yellow or Cream Bourke Parakeet has a pale pink chest and a creamy beige back.

Pink Bourke
The Pink Bourke Parakeet, not to be confused with the Rosy Bourke Parakeet, is a bright pastel pink with light highlights.

It’s a compound mutation – several breedings of the colors cream or cinnamon are combined with a Rosy Bourke.

The head and back are scaled grey, the chest and abdomen are pink, and the wings and tail are etched in blue.

Males have a blue crown on their forehead while hens and juveniles have a full grey head.

Other mutations include: White Face Pink, Cinnamon, Fallow, Cream, Lutino, Rubino

Bourkes Parakeet Color Mutations Bourkes Parakeets cinnamon color mutations cream bourke cream. lutino fallow opaline bourke pink bourke rosa bourke rosie bourke Rosy Bourke rubino white face pink yellow bourke


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